How to build a super successful fitness business...

During the webinar you'll learn all this and more:

  • The 6 Steps you absolutely MUST work through to build an amazing career and business in fitness
  • The 7 BIG mistakes that I've made that you DON'T have to!
  • How to become a great coach FAST
  • The biggest swear word in fitness right now and why you MUST be familiar with it
  • Why pressure and performance work together and how this can improve your lifestyle
  • How to determine your values and beliefs and why these play a BIG part in your success as a coach
  • A quick formula to determine how much money you need
  • The mindset required to make BIG money and an even BIGGER impact on the people you work with
  • Why you might just need to keep better company if you really want to succeed

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Presented by Strength and Success Founder, Brendan Chaplin

This webinar is going to blow your mind!

If you're sick and tired of meandering along and you want some PACE in your life this is for you.

If you actually want to learn how to succeed rather than just be SOLD to like most webinars this is for you.

If you genuinely want to build something special and quickly, this is for YOU.


Wednesday 1st July 6PM-7PM (GMT)

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