Forget about strength- let’s build POWER!

How to build explosive athletes in any sport.

During the webinar you'll learn all this and more:

  • Why power is THE most important physical quality to develop in athletes.
  • Where to start with beginners, children and people with minimal training history when it comes to developing power.
  • When strength training is more important than power training for sports performance.
  • When to start focussing on strength and start focussing on POWER.
  • The 5 categories of power training that you MUST know in order to develop serious athletes and explosive individuals.
  • Why as coaches we need to be able to SURF in order to train people effectively!
  • How to maintain power in spite of conflicting demands such as aerobic or strength training
  • Why power endurance might just be the defining factor and how you can develop this with minimal equipment
  • And MUCH, MUCH more.

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Presented by Strength and Conditioning Education Founder, Brendan Chaplin

In this 60 minute webinar presentation elite performance coach Brendan Chaplin will teach you all about how you can incorporate power training effectively into your training programmes.


Tuesday 5th May 7PM-8PM (GMT)

Thursday 7th May  6PM-7PM (GMT)


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