Take your knowledge and coaching of all things MOVEMENT, STRENGTH AND POWER to the next level in May.

Join one of the UK's best strength and conditioning coaches in May for a BRAND NEW INTENSIVE WORKSHOP

with Dave Hembrough

Saturday 7th May & Sunday 8th May 2016

Sheffield Hallam University

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Workshop Overview

In this 2 day course elite coach Dave Hembrough will share his methods and strategies for developing high levels of movement, strength, and power. Dave has worked at the highest level for almost 15 years, coached Olympic athletes, professional sports starts, teams and individuals. This is a must for any strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer to attend.

What You Will Learn...

  • How to teach someone how to perform the Olympic lifts effectively in less than 5 minutes! (Including yourself!)

  • How to improve someone’s squat depth and form in 3 minutes or less.

  • How to get huge groups of athletes working with great technique and productively (Dave and Brendan are both masters at this!).

  • How to programme for strength and power quickly and effectively. You’ll be able to put solid and effective programmes together very quickly after attending this workshop!

  • How to perform major barbell movements with excellent technique. But not only that you’ll learn how to coach them, the key coaching points you need to use to get instant changes and results from your clients and athletes.

  • When to use dumbbell movements instead of barbell movements for maximal results.

  • How to develop work capacity using innovative methods.

  • How to use gym based sessions to develop endurance and work capacity.

  • Specific training for athletes in the gym.

  • It’s not about simply lifting big weights, you’ll also learn about develop athleticism in your athletes and clients in the gym and out of the gym too. We want people who can move and with Brendan’s movement sequences you’ll pick up instantly applicable stuff you can use with any athlete.

  • Power through plyometrics. When to use plyometrics for power, stiffness and reactivity. You’ll pick up everything you need to know to programme them effectively.

  • When to choose Olympic lifts over other methods for power development and when NOT to use Olympic lifts.

  • Which exercises to choose with large groups that makes the session fun, valuable and enjoyable.

  • Speed programming- what happens when your athletes are injured and you have to change the programme in minutes? How do you make sure that the session is still valuable? By the end of this course you’ll have a template for doing just that and be able to programme a fantastic session in less than 5 minutes time.

There will be no confusion at all after this course. You’ll have the confidence to coach every barbell and dumbbell movement with any population you’ll ever encounter. That’s a guarantee or your money back!!

Strictly limited to 25 places only!

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This is a no brainer for anyone looking to rapidly accelerate their coaching or training. You’ll get it all over this intensive 2 days with an elite coach at the top of his game.

About Your Coaches...

Dave Hembrough

I am the lead strength and conditioning coach at Sheffield Hallam.

I have an MSc Sport injury management and therapy, and a BSc Sport Science.

I'm a sports scientist for Podium Performance and work in consultancy, research and teaching.

Working as the current lead strength and conditioning coach at Sheffield Hallam University, the head coach of Hallam Barbell Weightlifting club and working out of the Centre of Sport and Exercise Science (CSES), I'm also a well-respected sports therapist.

My work involves a great deal of hands-on athlete consultancy in both field- and gym-based environments. I was the lead S&C coach for the GB womens Volleyball programme, have worked extensively in professional boxing, rugby union, diving and orienteering.

We promise you that this course will make you a massively better coach. You have our word on that. If you feel for any reason that the course is not worthwhile for you simply hand in your course manual at the end of day 1 and we will send you a full refund on Monday morning. No questions asked and no hard feelings.

WARNING: This WILL sell out!

We like to limit places to ensure that you have both a quality experience and the workshops are highly interactive, so there are a maximum of only 25 places available, with several of these already reserved pre-sale.

Not only is Dave at the top of his game - this workshop is genuinely pioneering.  Most workshops will teach elements like Olympic lifting, however in this workshop you get that but also learn how to coach EVERYTHING properly.  All the exercises that no-one ever properly teaches you - you'll walk away with new-found knowledge and confidence to use straight away!

You will need to act quickly, as we genuinely expect the remaining spots to go fast.

Book Your Place Today

YES, I want in! I want to book my place on the Gym Based Movement, Strength and Power workshop right now.

Standard Price: £347
For the remaining few places: £257!

IMPORTANT: This will sell out fast!

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