Let's work together this year to FAST TRACK you into a new career in Strength & Conditioning with World-Class Coach Brendan Chaplin’s Intensive and Individualised Strength and Conditioning 'Business in a Box' Programme!

The most comprehensive Strength & Conditioning complete career solution on the market AND for an unbelievable price of just £2,400+VAT (you can use your ELCAS funding for 80% of our course fees, our Learner Provider Number is 7372).

Calling all military or ex-forces with a passion for fitness and coaching:

The 2015 Intensive Level 3 Accelerated Development Strength and Conditioning Mentorship Programme, organised by myself, Brendan Chaplin, guarantees to be the most worthwhile career investment of your life!

"I have one mission and one mission alone: to develop you into the BEST Strength and Conditioning Coach you can possibly be and build your business into a HUGE success this year! I’m 100% committed to making that happen"

              Brendan Chaplin
              Founder & Master Coach Mentor

Strength and Conditioning Education are the ultimate armed forces and military resettlement course provider supporting military forces leavers throughout the UK; we value the importance of providing the most comprehensive military resettlement course for individuals who are looking for a successful career in Strength & Conditioning.  Our programmes do not purely focus on developing you as a qualified Coach, they also help you to build a sustainable business in your new life after your military career.

It also helps that I’ve got an absolutely MAMMOTH amount of content to share with you through a combination of live events, online learning and personal mentoring from my crack team of MASTER COACHES! At the end of the nine-month course, you’ll walk away with a recognised Level 3 Strength and Conditioning qualification, accredited through 1st4Sport, opening a whole host of doors for your future career in fitness! Including twenty-six modules of cutting edge, fitness, strength and conditioning methods and techniques that guarantee to take you to a higher level of expertise, this truly is the most comprehensive, innovative and complete fitness development programme of the year.


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Don't just take our word for it, here's what some of our recent mentorship students think...

Learn online from wherever you are in the country or the world! 

We've Included Everything Into This Amazing Intensive Mentorship, So You Can Succeed With our World Class Support and Guidance...

You'll learn EVERYTHING YOU NEED to coach world class athletes and clients with our amazing online education seminars. You will be able to attend live sessions and discussions with world class coaches from all sports. All of the sessions are recorded, to offer full flexibility if you are unable to attend live.  These include Q&A and follow up discussions in our closed Mentorship group.

  • Module 1

    The Athlete Assessment Process.

  • Module 2

    The Sport Assessment Process.

  • Module 3

    Planning and Periodisation Essentials.


  • Module 4

    Designing Resistance Training programmes.

  • Module 5

    Designing Speed, Agility and Movement Programmes.

  • Module 6

    Designing Endurance and Energy System Development Programmes.

  • Module 7

    Designing Injury Reduction Programmes.

  • Module 8

    Planning the Microcycle.

  • Module 9

    Planning the Mesocycle.

  • Module 10

    Planning the Macrocycle.

  • Module 11

    Sports Specific Training.

  • Module 12

    Long Term Athlete Development Models and how to apply to your athletes.

  • Module 13

    Resistance Training Progressions- designing your training model.

  • Module 14

    How to develop high levels of training transfer to optimise sports performance.

  • Module 15

    The coaching relationship- how to get long term results.

  • Module 16


  • Module 17

    Mobility and stability training and where this fits.

  • Module 18

    Core Training.

  • Module 19

    Advanced Strength and Power Training.

  • Module 20

    Advanced Programme Design.

  • Module 21

    Preparing your assessment case study.

  • Module 22

    Preparing for your practical assessment.

  • Module 23

    Gearing up for Master Coach.

  • Module 24

    Bodyweight Training- earn the right to progress.

  • Module 25

    Barbell Training.

  • Module 26

    Work Capacity Training- the most important training goal?

Our Legendary Three Day Intensive Practical event is Jam  Packed full of learning experiences from coaches currently top of their game.

In addition to our high level online content the three day event is fully included in the 9 month mentorship for everyone to attend. We invite you to an elite high performance environment, where you can fully immerse yourself in a professional culture.

A Comprehensive program is delivered covering all the key elements required to accelerated your development, where you will get to not only learn the theory, but then immediately experience and feel what your learned and pick up real World coaching tips and cues, so you can implement in your very next sessions.

Are you ready to be a world class coach yet?

Of course, the event is recorded, so if you are unable to attend live you won't miss out and everyone has the content to refer to in the future.

  • Learn what really works, right here, right now

    Learn from our Elite level Master Coaches the latest coaching and training techniques that are getting proven results at the highest level, where only the best is good enough.  Experience it and Apply!


  • Learn the Latest Theory and Fundamentals

    Increase your depth of Knowledge, understanding what works best when and why it is effective, with our top level team, who achieve results across the spectrum from personal clients through to Olympic Champions.

What’s included in your £2,400+VAT package?

Totalling £7,000, that means with this package, you'll save £4,600!

Yousef Ziu, British Weightlifting

You won't get this level of expertise and knowledge anywhere else.

In the 9 months you'll spend on the course you'll develop to the level its taken me and many others five or six years to achieve.

Silke Pichler, PhD, Elite and Professional Ironman Triathlete

Through my development on the mentorship I have completely changed my own training as well as the training of my clients.

My clients are happy as they have improved a lot. They are fitter and stronger now!

  • Your Level 3 Strength and Conditioning Qualification through 1st4Sport: Worth £1,500.00
  • An online weekly coaching education programme: Worth £2,000.00
  • Personal sessions with your Master Coach Mentor: Worth £1,500.00
  • Videos, products, books and recordings to keep for a lifetime: Worth £2,000.00
  • Your business coaching and tools to set you up to hit the ground running: Worth £5,000.00

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We love working with driven, focused action takers. People who want to build something special and make a real impact in the next nine months. If this is you, we'd love to connect and get you on the next mentorship programme.

The Accelerated Development Mentorship Programme is an application only process. Through our two stage application we can ensure that we have the right people on the programme and that the programme is right for you as well.

To apply just leave your details for us in the form below. One of our team will be in touch very soon. The first call is a short general discussion about the course. We will ask you some questions and you can ask us questions too. Once this stage is completed we will set up a time for one of our elite consultants to contact you for a development appraisal. This process usually takes around 30 minutes and at the end of that call we'll offer you a place on the next course, or we'll give you feedback as to why we feel that the course is not right for you at the current time along with some development areas for you to work on.

Because the programme is so transformational and the demand for places is so high we do have to be strict with our applications. Please don't take it personally if you are not offered a place, it might be a couple of points that would really help you to come away and work on, and then we can get you on a future programme.

We have limited spaces on the course, so if you feel like it's the perfect fit for you lets talk NOW!

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We love working with people who have a passion for developing themselves, their athletes and their clients. We want to help you to build something you're really proud of and to develop into an exceptional coach.

We realise that investing the full course price in advance just isn't possible for some people. With that in mind we have several payment plans meaning that you can enroll onto the Mentorship for as little as £137 per month.
Imagine taking your career and business forwards so rapidly, unlocking opportunities that otherwise just would not have happened, for as little as £137 investment per month.

If this is something you feel would be important for you, please ask us to explain these options for you further when we connect with you. We have a number of plans available that can be tailored to suit your circumstances.



Your personal Master Coach and Mentor will be in touch regularly to guide you through the course and support you to apply your new-found knowledge to your personal working environment. You’ll get a chance to receive constructive criticism about programmes you’ve set up for your clients and chat through any problems you may be having.

A little more about me...

I’ve always been intensely passionate about fitness and how to improve sports performance, both personally and professionally and hence in 2010, after gaining years of experience in the field working with thousands of elite athletes and delivering hundreds of presentations to coaches in the field I decided to set up my company Strength and Conditioning Education.

Serious about S & C mentorship and supporting fellow coaches to reach their true potential, I’ve hosted various seminars and workshops (including the Level Three S & C Programme) over the last 18 months, all very popular with coaches across the UK and beyond.

I always practice what I preach as do all of our Master Coach Mentors. I currently work with many athletes including UFC Fighters, elite tennis players and many more.

Furthermore, over the years I’ve gained valuable experience in various coaching positions for Huddersfield Giants RLFC, the North and Midlands Lawn Tennis Association, Hunslet Hawks Rugby League, the English Institute of Sport and Durham University.

Fully accredited by UKSCA and holding the CSCS qualification, I’ve been truly fortunate to work with a fantastic array of people, from recreational athletes to Olympians. That’s not to mention my time as Fitness Editor for Alpha Fit Magazine (I still write regular features for “Men’s Health”) and that (due to my personal passion for martial arts) I’m also a qualified wrestling and boxing coach!

As you can probably tell, I pretty much live and breathe fitness coaching and honestly, I’m just itching to share my knowledge and experience with you!

But enough about me... here's more info about our World-Class Mentor Team...

Nick Ward

I’ve been working in the field of physical performance for over 20 years and with a master’s degree from the University of Calgary, I am an accredited strength and conditioning tutor with the UKSCA, and provide education in physical preparation to schools, coaches and clubs.

I also currently consult as the Physical Performance lead to England Golf, Derbyshire Institute of Sport and Sheffield Eagles RLFC. Having worked with a diverse breadth of organisations and athletes, I have been challenged to blend creativity with science to plan and deliver on programmes that work to impact on the athletes and performances.

A constraints-led approach is central to my programmes and centres along a pedagogical pathway to develop athletes to Train well – Eat well – Recover well.

Lawrence Bloom

I’m a certified strength and conditioning coach specialising in the physical and athletic development of elite football players.

I’m currently head of Sports Science at Charlton Athletic Football Club, a position which I’ve held for over 3 years. My primary role within the club is to deliver both general (gym) and sports specific (field) strength and conditioning programmes in order to optimise the players’ physical performance levels. Prior to this, I worked within a similar role at Southend United Football Club for 6 years, also overseeing the physical development of the academy players.

I’ve also worked part time as a sports science tutor and provided strength & conditioning services to a number of teams and individual athletes from a range of sports including; rugby, hockey, tennis, athletics, boxing and MMA.

I graduated in 2004 from Middlesex University with a degree in Sports Rehabilitation & Injury Prevention. Since then I’ve completed an MSc in Strength & Conditioning from Salford University and gained a number of professional qualifications, including; UKSCA, NSCA (CSCS), BWLA tutor award & the FA Fitness Trainers Award.

Ryan Blake

I’m a strength and conditioning coach for elite athletes in a variety of international sports.

I have a BSc (Hons) in Sport & Exercise science, an MSc in Maintenance and Enhancement of Elite Sports Performance and am a UK strength and conditioning association (UKSCA) accredited coach.

As well as coaching, I power lift, play rugby, surf, snowboard and regularly compete in sprint triathlons. I believe that achieving results in performance comes down to a finely tuned balance of body, mind and soul with consistent high quality hard work, belief and trust.

I also direct www.extremesportsperformance.com, a science consultancy that helps people go further in sport and life through science, specialising in management, performance, development, education and fitness for life.

Danny Hague

I’m an accredited strength and conditioning coach through the United Kingdom Strength and Conditioning Association (UKSCA), a fully qualified Personal Trainer and I hold specialist qualifications in strength and conditioning for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and the International Youth Conditioning Association (IYCA).

I am currently completing my Master’s Degree (MSc) in Strength and Conditioning at St Mary’s University London to further underpin my high level of theoretical and practical coaching knowledge. I’m truly enthusiastic about taking every available opportunity to continue my professional development through educational seminars, workshops, research and networking with fellow coaches.

I’ve worked in the field of strength and conditioning for many years and have extensive experience in the science and practical application of high performance programming/coaching to Olympic, elite, developmental and recreational athletes.

I also work with athletes as Head of S&C for the Leeds Carnegie Academy Basketball AASE program, Women’s GB Paralympic Goal-ball team, Lead S&C for Leeds Metropolitan Rugby League 1st/2nd teams, Yorkshire Jets Netball, GB Badminton and TASS Scholars from multiple sports.

Finally, I spend a lot of time consulting professional/amateur combat athletes (boxers, judoka’s, mma practitioners) and multi-sport athlete’s - providing strength and conditioning support.

David Poole

I’m the owner of Custom Fitness, a privately owned Health and Performance Gym located in Lincoln.

I’m the owner of Custom Fitness, a privately owned Health and Performance Gym located in Lincoln.

After gaining a M.Sc. in Sports Science and gaining 10+ years’ experience in commercial gyms in various roles, I decided to set up my own facility.

I love working with clients and finding out about what makes them tick, how they work/learn and then apply this to my coaching. This is one of my core beliefs to becoming a successful coach.

My passion is to support people to be healthier and leaner and teaching others how to do the same.

Dave Hembrough

I am the lead strength and conditioning coach at Sheffield Hallam.

I have an MSc Sport injury management and therapy, and a BSc Sport Science.

I'm a sports scientist for Podium Performance and work in consultancy, research and teaching.

Working as the current lead strength and conditioning coach at Sheffield Hallam University, the head coach of Hallam Barbell Weightlifting club and working out of the Centre of Sport and Exercise Science (CSES), I'm also a well-respected sports therapist.

My work involves a great deal of hands-on athlete consultancy in both field- and gym-based environments. I was the lead S&C coach for the GB womens Volleyball programme, have worked extensively in professional boxing, rugby union, diving and orienteering.

Darren Stratton

I have worked with many athletes from grass-roots through to Professional and world class athletes.  I'm actively still coaching most days, currently spending most of my time working with a variety of track & field athletes, including several ranked in the top 5 in the UK and competing internationally.

In addition to my physical preparation work, I am also a technical coach to several multi-event athletes, specialising in Long Jump, where I am part of England Athletics National coach Development programme.

I am also actively involved with Coach Education for England Athletics, presenting and providing mentoring to the next generation of coaches.

My current role as Director of Operations & Development at Strength and Conditioning Education sees me utilising my experience gained working for over 15 years in a high pressure corporate Client Management role.

Whether coaching, or managing the business side of things, everything I do is focussed on the client having the most enjoyable and rewarding experience possible.

Ian Fisher

I am a Strength and conditioning coach and former professional cricketer.

My current role is Lead S&C coach for Yorkshire County Cricket Club one of 18 professional cricket teams in the UK.  I have a BSc in sports performance and am accredited by the UKSCA.

I was previously 1st Team S&C coach for Essex County Cricket Club and have worked with a wide range of sports and populations from world champion kayakers, professional snowboarders, amateur rugby teams, to the general public.

At Leeds Metropolitan University I enjoyed working with TASS athletes and high performance teams including hockey and badminton along with a number of junior athletes in different sports, which gave me a well rounded profile of experience and expertise for me to share as a mentor.

Ian Pyper

I’ve been working in elite sport as a strength and conditioning coach since 2006. My work has involved preparation of elite athletes for two Olympic cycles.

My knowledge and understanding of endurance sport is drawn from working with the successful British Triathlon Training Group based in Leeds, including World and Olympic champions, Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee.

By now, you should be convinced that this Level 3 Strength and Conditioning mentorship is unlike any other training event you will have attended before.

You’ll also know whether this event is right for you - if so…

Russell Jolley

I built The Conditioning Centre gym while completing my Masters Degree in S&C and working full time coaching S&C at Bournemouth Uni.

I graduated and left BU to focus on growing The CC to six figures and love running a busy gym full of members that work hard to get better every day.

This is a sentiment I take into my business growth as well as my coaching ethic.

There really is no reason to procrastinate any longer; seize the day and INVEST in this opportunity to become something truly great.

I’ve personally spent a scary amount of money travelling across the globe to learn from the best of the best and earning MScs, PT qualifications, therapy diplomas and nutrition certifications.

In fact - even now, at the top of my game, I spend over £10,000 a year on training and education to ensure that I truly am the BEST that I can possibly be.

Showcasing testimonials that not only confirm the quality of your product, but also handle buyer objections, will serve you very well.

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  • Reason No.1.

    By the end of the nine months, you’ll have become a fully qualified Level 3 Coach and Practitioner at the very top of your game.

  • Reason No.2.

    You’ll get personal and individualised sessions with some of the most inspirational MASTER COACHES in the business. People who’ve already spent years ‘in the trenches’ trying and testing innovative and cutting edge techniques for coaching super-success.

  • Reason No.3.

    You’ll build an all-important support and communication network with likeminded fitness professionals.

  • Reason No.4.

    By the end of the nine months you’ll be skilled to a suitable level to open your own gym, and get fully insured to go it alone in the Strength and Conditioning industry.

  • Reason No.5.

    Your clients and athletes will notice your boost in confidence and will stay with you for longer, leading your business to skyrocket and you to achieve the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. …AND the combination of online resources and live events allows flexibility for particularly busy people!

  • Reason No.6.

    You’ll hit the ground running and be all set up to build a fantastic career and business without making the mistakes that I’ve made!

  • Reason No.7.

    You’ll be ready to take our ‘Master Coach/ programme and learn how to build a 6 figure coaching practice whilst taking your coaching skills to the HIGHEST level!

…AND the combination of online resources and live events allows flexibility for particularly busy people!

So what are you waiting for?

Apply now and take your career to the next level NOW!

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Here’s what some of your fellow fitness professionals said about our mentorship…

If you are looking to invest in your education, gain qualifications to progress your career and improve your personal business while working alongside and meeting people at the pinnacle of their fields, then you are have come to the right place.

The above is exactly what I was looking for when I set up my own facility in Durham and I have to say, my expectations were completely surpassed. There is no other program out there that I came across (and believe me, I looked) that could rival what Brendan offers.

I believe Brendan to be one of the most enthusiastic, passionate and knowledgeable coaches I have worked with and the educational aspect to the Mentorship alone is worthwhile but that’s just the start……

I can’t say enough good things and I guess that in summary, I have to say, it has been the best investment into my career which in turn has made it the best investment in my business, as I am my Business……

Adam Morton
Adam Morton AM Fitness

I was for a while looking for some sort of S+C mentorship in the UK. I had no luck so I was thinking of going across the pond to the US instead. This was until one of my friends mentioned Brendan’s mentorship programme. At the time I was working out of a commercial gym and thinking about setting up my own gym facility. What made me go with the mentorship was not just Brendan’s expertise in the S+C industry but also his success in business.

Since starting the mentorship I now have my own S+C facility with over 60 members so I don’t think I need to explain how useful it was to have Brendan by my side in the process.

Whether you want to improve your business or your S&C knowledge and practical experience then Brendan’s mentorship definitely provides that. I have had access to over 10 of the UK’s top coaches throughout the mentorship which has been a great learning experience.

I know that even after the mentorship Brendan will still be on hand to offer his advice. Thanks Brendan and I hope to make the most of all the advice, help and resources you have provided for me and my business to date.

Paul Cook
Paul Cook Frontier Physical Fitness

I won’t lie to you, you need to be ready for this, but if you are and are willing to put in everything you’ve got, you’ll accelerate your skills beyond belief. Since starting the course, I’ve racked up a mass more knowledge, skills and coaching experience.

Since beginning the Mentorship I have a website that’s had over 80,000 visitors in a year, I’m working well towards my UKSCA accreditation and I’m a qualified coach for UK Athletics coaching at a club with 4 GB Internationals, getting to coach S&C for a great bunch of athletes.

It’s quite frightening the progression I’ve made; I struggle to even recognise myself. I now have the direction, clarity and a brilliant support network that will allow me to maintain my progression.

Ultimately, the mentorship has made me a vastly better coach!

Darren Stratton
Darren Stratton Stratton Performance

Investing in your education and learning is a huge part in any coach’s career development and I believe the mentorship programme Brendan has set up is amongst the best support programmes out there.

The main reason I got involved with the mentorship programme was the opportunity to surround myself and learn from Brendan and other elite coaches at the very top of the game.

Brendan’s input and guidance was inspirational. My understanding and abilities in the coaching and training methodologies of speed development, youth training and Olympic Lifts have improved substantially as a coach in the previous 12 months as a direct result of the programme and I’ve undoubtedly, enhanced my abilities as a coach.

Brendan has massively helped me with his experiences in the field, always being available to chat through some of my ideas and current challenges. I have learnt a lot from his ideas and methods of leading a department of Strength and Conditioning Coaches, as well as his excellent experiences in how to deal with interesting characters in the technical coaching world!

He has also provided immensely valuable feedback and advice in helping me prepare the England Women’s Lacrosse Development Squad athletic development national programme.

In summary, I believe I have made fantastic steps forward as a coach, an educator and a leader of fellow S&C coaches in the last 12 months. Without any doubt, Brendan’s mentorship programme, along with the input from other top coaches in his workshops, has been vital to my progress.

Jonathan Kantor
Jonathan Kantor Great Britain Paralymic Swimming

As a qualified tennis coach and a developing strength and conditioning coach in the sport I was looking for a mentor who I knew was credible and had great experience. I was aware of Brendan through his previous work with the LTA and having been impressed with a workshop he led a number of years ago it was an obvious choice to utilise his skills and knowledge to help develop my own.

There is no doubt Brendan is a committed and incredibly dedicated strength and conditioning coach but also has the drive to help assist and develop aspiring S&C Coaches. He also has an excellent network of colleagues in the S&C profession.

Indeed I felt I had the ability to be a good S&C Coach in tennis but needed a mentor to help develop my confidence. Not only this though, but through Brendan’s understanding of business he has inspired me to begin my own sport science in tennis business, www.scienceintennis.com. There is no doubt that by the end of the mentorship program my confidence, knowledge, skills and delivery of S&C has improved and I will meet my goals set at the start of the mentorship.

Not only is Brendan a great mentor and S&C Coach but he is also a approachable and all round nice guy.

Jonathan Fraser
Jonathan Fraser Hallamshire Academy of Tennis

We cannot praise your mentor ship program enough.

Clearly the best decision we've made to date.

Recommend it 100% and then some. You can't get this anywhere else in the UK!

We are now currently up to our eye balls in strength and conditioning work with a variety of sports!

Sam Guy & Rob Smaldon
Sam Guy & Rob Smaldon Cornwall High Performance

Full 100% Risk Free Guarantee...

We are so confident that our programme will help you that if you are not happy with your level of development on completion of the course we will offer a full refund.

"How can we possibly offer this" I hear you saying?

It's simple...we are SO CONFIDENT that the course will work for you, we're backing ourselves. You MUST pass our strict application process to gain a place on the course and we make sure that we are the right choice for you, and you are the right choice for us. So if you're an action taker, ready to make a huge leap in your coaching career get in touch NOW!

Join us whilst their are spaces available!

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