Become a Qualified Strength and Conditioning Coach in 4 weeks or less Guaranteed!

with Brendan Chaplin's World-class Intensive Mentorship Programme

Do you want us to help you transform your career like we have so many others?

We are the best in the business at accelerating the development of coaches and trainers in this industry.  Hundreds of students have been through our mentorship programmes and stepped up to the next level in their careers.

We've helped lots of people totally change their careers, so they can get away from being sat at a desk and get in the gym working with athletes and driven individuals who are a joy to work with.

Here are some thoughts from just a couple of students we've recently helped.

We are so confident that we have the World's best coach development process available that we will even coach you for FREE to prove it !

We have a fantastic team of Performance Consultants ready to talk to you about your aspirations and dreams.

We will literally offer you 30 minutes for no charge at all to coach you and give you that clarity and understanding you need to rapidly take your career, your business, and your life forwards.

After your career coaching session you'll know where to go and what to do next. If you are a great fit for our mentorship programme we can discuss this too, and perhaps we will offer you a space on the next programme.

We really love talking to driven and determined people and this is our way of helping you to become the best you can be.

To register for your free career coaching session click the button below and we will get in touch with you to arrange a time that works for you.

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I want to help you to create the lifestyle and success that you are looking for rapidly!

By joining my intensive mentorship programme you'll literally have the skills and tools to coach high level athletes and individuals, along with being a fully qualified S&C coach ALL within 4 weeks... GURANTEEED!

Brendan Chaplin
CEO, Mastercoach

But this is not just a 4 week process.

Whilst you'll be a fully qualified coach within 4 weeks, we will work with you exclusively for a further 8 months.  You'll be looked after every step of the way.

Why Choose our Intensive Mentorship Programme?

The main reason coaches and trainers don't build a great career in this industry are:

  • Its easy to not know where to start with your development, as there are so many courses, certifications and workshops out there.  Who can you trust?  What should you do next?

  • There are many coaches and trainers in the industry, so how are you supposed to set yourself apart? How can you help individuals get better results than the rest?

  • Many courses and certifications are at extreme polar opposites. They are either over in a hour. give zero support and interaction, or take years of university study, which can still lack any coaching experience or development of your coaching and communication abilities.

  • Are you already working in the industry, but it hasn’t panned out like you imagined?  Spending long hours away from your family and friends, working with clients without major goals or motivation?

  • Do you have the qualifications and accreditations and even some experience, but can’t get the roles you’re looking for?

Here's exactly what's included in our Intensive Mentorship Programme

  • 21 Fantastic in-depth modules covering all the key areas of strength and conditioning in detail.  The latest cutting edge content from coaches working in performance sport right now.

  • Attend our legendary 2 day intensive Strength, Power and Athleticism workshop, where you’ll learn all the key performance based exercises that get great results.

  • You’ll gain our 1st4sport accredited Level 3 coaching award in Strength & Conditioning, which is recognised by many NGB’s and created in partnership with The Rugby Football Union.

  • Access our amazing facebook community where you’ll get to take part in regular Q&A’s and chat with like-minded coaches and top mentors and guests.

  • Our monthly mastermind sessions with an elite performance coach is a rich learning experience, where you’ll find out what is getting them results right now!

  • We will work with you to GUARANTEE that you pass your accreditation within 4 weeks of starting, to you can continue your learning and development able to be fully insured to practice and apply what you learn.

Not only do you get all the above, you also get our 4 day Intensive Workshop!

To kick-start your mentorship journey, you'll attend an immesrive 4 day event held in  a high performance sports environment, where you'll learn direct from Brendan Chaplin and other Elite coaches.

You'll learn about strength, power, hypertrophy, endurance, speed, agility, plyometrics, assessments ans screening, corrective exercise, programme & session design and more!

You'll get to experience and try out techniques, not just learn about them, plus you'll have coaches there to question and learn from who've been there and done it at the highest level.

  • Speed
  • Olympic Weightlifting
  • Corrective Exercise
  • energy systems

Plus you'll be assigned your own personal mentor

Our development programmes are unique due to thr fact you are guided through them by an experienced high performance coach.
You'll have your own personal mentor assigned, to help you with your own bespoke development plan, to ensure you get everything from the process that you hope for and more.

Access our private intensive mentorship facebook discussion group

You'll also be part of our private facebook group for intensive mentorship students only.

Here you will get to discuss all things S&C with Brendan Chaplin and guest coaches!

You'll also learn how to maximise your business and the opportunities you get

We often find the biggest struggle for coaches and trainers is when it comes to having the knowledge and proven principles to grow your business.

During our intensive mentorship programme you'll learn how to target the right audience, pitch your offerings right and get your message in front of people.

This is not just about making money and having a great lifestyle, this is about being able to reach out to people and get opportunities to work with fantastic individuals, that otherwise may never have found you.

Do you want to miss out on that next Olympic champion that you could help realise their potential.  They aren't just going to turn up on your door step.

Instead of sweeping the awkward business stuff under the carpet, you'll become confident and learn to embrace it.  No aggressive selling, just helping people realise the value you have to offer and what a great team you'll make!

All this and much more...

In fact, our intensive mentorship programme is our most premium offering, which means you get every single extra as standard, as you can see below!

Wait... You even get full unlimited access to our Online Education Academy!

Thats right, you'll get full access to our video library of all of the elite coach workshops and online conference presentation we've ever released!

Content from World-class coaches such as Nick Winkelman, Dan Baker, Vern Gambetta, Duncan French, Mike Boyle, Dan John and many, many more.

You'd normally get 50 credits per month to redeem against videos, but you'll get EVERYTHING unlocked instantly!  Video sets with hours worth of content that are on sale for hundreds of pounds each, available NOW.

Finally, you'll get a prestigious Live Event season ticket during the programme!

We run several workshops and events throughout the year, with some of the best coaches on the Planet sharing their ideas and principles with you.

These sell out fast and you'll pick up such value from spending time with World-class coaches learning cutting edge information that gets results.

The season ticket gives you full access to attend any events of your choice, even our two day weekend workshops!

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We pride ourselves on the quality of our mentorship and the integrity of our company. With that in mind we want this to be a no-brainer of an opportunity for you.
If on completion of the mentorship programme you feel like you haven’t received amazing value from the programme we will gladly offer you a full refund of your programme fees. All we ask is that throughout the duration of the course, you attend the live events, complete the modules fully, engage with the mentor team and allow us to help you become the best version of yourself you can possibly become. With this approach we are so confident you will thrive in our programme that we are very happy to offer this bullet proof guarantee to protect you.

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