Take your knowledge of movement and Functional Anatomy to the highest level with Elite physio Dan Coughlan this November

The 2 Day Functional Anatomy for S&C coaches course will give you the knowledge and skill set to reduce injuries and improve performance in your athletes and clients INSTANTLY!




  • Saturday, 7th November



  • Sunday, 8th November

Workshop Overview

Strength and Conditioning coaches have to have an excellent knowledge of anatomy to inform our practice.
It’s critical that we understand which muscles are working in any given movement pattern, but also why they are working as they are.

It’s the why that is not taught in the textbooks or the degree courses.

In the Functional Anatomy for S&C coaches course you’ll learn how and why the body moves in the way it does as well as how to assess and coach efficient movement in your athletes and clients.

At the end of the workshop you’ll be able to literally apply these strategies into your programmes instantly.

Dan Coughlan is one of the UK’s top physiotherapists who also works alongside elite S&C coaches on a daily basis. He’ll be teaching his very own integrated style of movement efficiency.


Specific Learnings will include...

  • A detailed refresher on functional anatomy on a joint-by-joint basis covering the key areas of anatomy for the ankle, knee, hip, lower back and spine, shoulder, elbow and wrist.
  • A full assessment process to ensure your athletes and clients are bullet proof. You’ll literally be able to take your athletes through this on Monday morning and get started.
  • Injury anatomy - building on the joint by joint anatomy you’ll learn joint by joint injury reduction strategies.
  • Practical movement progressions and regressions - You’ll get easy to implement and instantly applicable progressions and regressions to incorporate in your athletes programmes to reduce injuries and improve performance.
  • A thorough understanding of how to coach for movement efficiency and improve performance in your athletes and clients.
  • Which comes first, injury prevention or performance enhancement? You’ll know the answer to this at the end of the course.

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Who is this suitable for?

If you are a strength and conditioning coach, performance trainer, physiotherapist, movement or athletic development specialist this course will dramatically add to your knowledge and skill set.
Students, aspiring S&C coaches and S&C enthusiasts will also benefit hugely from spending the weekend with Dan Coughlan and the other workshop attendees.

About Dan Coughlan...

Daniel Coughlan is the National Lead for Physiotherapy with England Golf, a PhD Biomechanics researcher at Loughborough University, as well as Senior Physiotherapist at Nuffield Health. He is also on the Medical Advisory Board for the European Tour. Daniel's role within England Golf, alongside Nick Ward, has included assisting in the set up of a sports science and sports medicine support network for players within national squads, as well as implementing a nation-wide regional athletic development programme for young, talented golfers. Within his PhD research, Daniel is investigating physical preparation of the golf athlete, including the impacts of strength and conditioning, effective warm-up strategies and the relevance of variability in golf performance. As a member of the European Tour Medical Advisory Board, Daniel helps to guide the European Tour Performance Institute in service development, and future research.

Dan's clinical interests are rooted in the integration of evidence based practice within physiotherapy, as well as the applications of strength and conditioning in population health and rehabilitation.

Dan's been racing in Triathlons for over 10 years and has completed a number of 70.3 and Ironman events.

WARNING: This WILL sell out!

We like to limit places to ensure that you have both a quality experience and the workshops are highly interactive, so there are a maximum of only 25 places available, with several of these already reserved pre-sale.

Not only is Dan at the top of his game - this workshop is genuinely pioneering.  Most workshops will teach certain elements, however in this workshop you get that but also learn how to coach EVERYTHING properly from a World leading authority.

You will need to act quickly, as we genuinely expect the remaining spots to go fast.

Book Your Place Today

YES, I want in! I want to book my place on Dan Coughlan's Functional Anatomy Event!

Standard Price: £377
Before 1 October: £277

IMPORTANT: This will sell out fast!

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