Become a FULLY QUALIFIED, SUPER COMPETENT strength and conditioning coach THIS YEAR, with Brendan Chaplin's world class accelerated development mentorship programme

We are opening the doors to our famous mentorship programme again VERY SOON. This is the same programme that has had people opening their own gyms, working with elite athletes earning big money in JUST 9 MONTHS.

We are ready to work with a select few super ambitious coaches who want to get big results this year. Are you one of them?

Our Mentorship Programme is simply the best coaching development available, so places are heavily in demand.  You'll need to get in touch quickly to find out more and confirm whether there are places available.

WARNING: this course won’t be suitable for everyone and there are limited places available, so ask yourself...

Do you have a genuine passion for work as a strength and conditioning coach, performance coach or personal trainer?

Are you willing to give a serious amount of time and effort to your personal development over the next eight months?

Do you have the drive and will power to follow-through until the end of the course?

Are you currently a fitness professional or aspiring student of some kind?

...if so, this nine month intensive course will be perfect for you.

Not only this, book now and receive a FREE £500 resource bundle to get you started RIGHT AWAY!

We love rewarding action takers. Join us NOW and we will send you some amazing resources to get your journey into strength and conditioning going instantly.

If you’re ready to commit to, implement and discover true progression in your coaching career, my course will offer you...

  • A recognised qualification AND tried and tested methods from people working ‘in the trenches’ day-in day-out.

    • A combination of structured live events and flexible online learning resources.
  • Personal mentoring with your own personal elite master coach.

  • The skills you need to become a world-class coach and practitioner, ensuring that your clients will stick with you.

    • The chance to mingle with other top-quality professionals in your field.
  • The unique opportunity to ask the advice of some of the world’s most highly esteemed fitness pros.

  • And MUCH more…

It takes effort, passion and ambition to complete this course and become a super-successful Strength and Conditioning coach.

Something that Darren knew all too well when he signed up...

I won’t lie to you, you need to be ready for this, but if you are and are willing to put in everything you’ve got, you’ll accelerate your skills beyond belief. Since starting the course, I’ve racked up a mass more knowledge, skills and coaching experience.

Since beginning the Mentorship I have a website that’s had over 16,000 visitors in six months, I’m working well towards my UKSCA accreditation and I’m a qualified coach for UK Athletics coaching at a club with 4 GB Internationals, getting to coach S&C for a great bunch of athletes.

It’s quite frightening the progression I’ve made; I struggle to even recognise myself. I now have the direction, clarity and a brilliant support network that will allow me to maintain my progression.

Ultimately, the mentorship has made me a vastly better coach!

Darren Stratton
Stratton Performance