Dan Baker is back in the UK in November!

Take your Strength and Power training knowledge to the next level by grabbing yourself a place on the Velocity Based Training Workshop Tour

Workshop Overview

Velocity Based Training (VBT) is a hugely important area of development for S&C coaches to be aware of. The ability to track and monitor an athletes progress has always been a critical component of a successful programme. Now with the use of VBT it’s achievable for all power and speed movements.

In this 1 day workshop with world leading power training expert Dr Dan Baker you’ll learn the most effective ways to incorporate VBT into your programmes. Including how to train athletes with different genetic make-ups, the difference between mean and peak velocity and which one to be using, modifying your programmes across a training cycle with the use of VBT, and most importantly, how you can use VBT to inform your coaching, improve motivation and focus in your sessions.
Dan will even be sharing programme examples from elite and novice athletes alike.
A hugely powerful day I’m sure you’ll agree.

Specific Learnings will include...

  • Velocity measures - peak or mean? Understanding the differences!

  • Peak or Mean velocity - which better for different exercise?

  • Relationship between velocity and measures of Effort and Fatigue for different exercises!

  • Are these relationships the same for different athletes like Maxers (fast twitch types) and Grinders (slow twitch types)?

  • What are the velocities to train at for strength or power for different exercises?

  • Does/should this change across a training cycle?

  • How can I use velocity measures to help guide large group training or training with less familiar athletes?

  • How can I use velocity measures to help coach technique? Motivation? Reinforcement?

  • Program examples and data from elite and lower level athletes will be presented!

These and any other questions you have on VBT, strength and power training will be answered in this upcoming workshop.

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Who is this suitable for?

If you are a strength and conditioning coach, performance trainer, physiotherapist, movement or athletic development specialist this course will dramatically add to your knowledge and skill set.
Students, aspiring S&C coaches and S&C enthusiasts will also benefit hugely from spending the day with Dr Dan Baker and the other workshop attendees.

About Dan Baker...

Dan Baker has been right at the top of his game for decades. Its always been a challenge to get Dan over to the UK, as his busy schedule so rarely allows it.

Dan’s always been so busy with international consulting, recently working with the Wallabies, so it’s just not been possible.


With Dan visiting last year after retiring from duty with the Broncos to focus on his own work and coach education, the course we’ve been pushing for for so long became a reality. Out of that course came the High Powered Performance video collection.


It doesn’t take long for coaches to realise that Dan’s knowledge and experience shine through. From his writing in the UKSCA journal to his passionate and engaging presentation at the UKSCA conference a few years ago. It really is a privilege to be able to get him over to deliver his athletic development system to us UK based coaches.
In High Powered Performance Dan covered everything from athletic development in young athletes, strength and power training for beginners right through to advanced and elite athletes, in and out of season programming, cross training, endurance development, bands and chains and their use in sports training and much, much more.

Dan will be taking this content a step further now during his latest tour, sharing his latest principles based on the Velocity Based Training work he has been researching utilising the PUSH band.

This workshop will take you through how to apply VBT and strength and power training in the gym with your athletes for big results.

WARNING: This WILL sell out!

We like to limit places to ensure that you have both a quality experience and the workshops are highly interactive, so there are a maximum of only 25 places available, with several of these already reserved pre-sale.

Not only is Dan at the top of his game - this workshop is genuinely pioneering.  Most workshops will teach certain elements, however in this workshop you get that but also learn how to coach EVERYTHING properly from a World leading authority.

You will need to act quickly, as we genuinely expect the remaining spots to go fast.

Book Your Place Today

YES, I want in! I want to book my place on Dan Baker's VBT Tour!

Standard Price: £227
Before 1 October: £177

IMPORTANT: This will sell out fast!

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