Learn how to take your Coaching to the next level with this cutting edge 2 part course

Skill acquisition and motor learning in practice for coaches and teachers

with Prof. Keith Davids & Dave Hembrough

Sheffield Hallam University

Course Overview

To excel as a coach or teacher, you really need to understand how people learn to move and acquire or improve motor skills.

We typically put a lot of thought into structuring sessions through programming and analysis - it is essential as coaches that we also consider the sessions from the learners perspective to aim to make the very most of the limited time available with them.

This course consists of two separate workshops, the first giving you the basic theory and concepts of constraints based learning, so you can then spend some time putting this intro practice with your athletes in your environment setting you up perfectly to attend the advanced follow up workshop, where you with reflect on your initial experiences and learn more advanced concepts to take your coaching to the next level..

Day 1 - Introduction Workshop

Skill acquisition and motor learning in practice for coaches and teachers

Saturday 11th April OR Saturday 6th June

When you coach, how do you take into account the learner and the learning process in the practical environment? What philosophy guides your coaching practice? Where did it come from and how did originate? The best coaches have a clear coaching philosophy which they use to guide and adapt their practice. This seminar is the first in a planned series that will help you develop a model of approach to coaching practice that draws upon science and experience in order to obtain impact and results by helping you gain a deeper understanding of the process of learning.


Individual and group interaction and communication is not easy to achieve effectively in helping people learn new movement skills or refine existing skills. Taking skills from the gym and practice field to a competitive performance environment remains a difficult challenge. This seminar series addresses the process of coaching and skill development providing you with information, knowledge and shared understandings that you can use to improve the coaching process to help transfer of skills from practice settings to competition. The initial seminar aims to help coaches think about their understanding of the learner and the learning process in order to deliver fun, effective and engaging coaching that produces outcomes.


Using some key principles from skill acquisition and motor learning as well as practical activities participants will be introduced to the model of the learner and the learning process implied in constraints-based coaching. By learning how to manipulate personal, task and some environmental constraints you will be able to stand out with both the way you coach and the results you get.


The introductory ‘nuts and bolts’ session will provide a foundation understanding in motor learning for coaching and will help you build your coaching philosophy and approach around these principles. The seminar will also help you set up for success by focusing on developing your own personal action plan to put in to play following the workshop. It will consider questions such as: How should I view individual differences? What role does movement variability play in performance? How can I help performers to become more adaptive? We will end the day by setting clear intentions of activities for you to try in your own coaching environment. Using a 'buddy scheme' you will be encouraged to review and reflect on the effectiveness of your coaching practice in order to refine and develop it. We will use these experiences in an advanced session in the seminar series to further refine and develop your coaching practice.

Day 2 - Advanced Workshop

Putting it together to create a successful coaching dynamic

Saturday 15th August

Wisdom is knowledge effectively applied. The introductory seminar teaches the basic principles of motor learning and constraints-based coaching and helps you apply them in practice. This advanced session builds on the foundational knowledge acquired in the initial seminar and digs a little deeper to take your coaching to the next level and help you become more effective as a coach.


The advanced session will provide further insight in to motor learning for applied coaching. We will use your coaching reflections from your follow up tasks from session one to share knowledge and ideas for practice, explore our experiences and to learn from each other based on what worked and what we found difficult to deliver.


Additional theory and practical work will help you further explore more advanced principles of constraints-based coaching using theories of ecological psychology and dynamical systems applied to motor learning. This more advanced understanding will be explored through consideration of case studies and experimental research to support your development as a coach.


After completion of the introductory and advanced skill acquisition and motor learning seminars you will be able to apply these principles practically within your coaching. This will make you more effective as a coach by way of what you do and the results you may achieve.

After completing the course you will be able to...

  • use the theory of skill acquisition and constraints based learning in your coaching.

  • practically apply constraint based learning in your environment.

  • tailor tasks to suit the learner and their environment.

  • Help you develop a personal learning philosophy for coaching, resolving important professional questions like: Why do I coach the way that I do? What philosophy underpins my practice?

  • Support you in understanding how to structure practice tasks in order to shape key constraints on skill acquisition.

About Your Coaches...

Professor Keith Davids

Professor of Motor Learning

Keith Davids is Professor of Motor Learning and has over 30 years relevant experience of teaching and conducting research with international collaborators in fields like Sports Science, Behavioural Neuroscience and Human Movement Science.

He has held positions of academic leadership in the UK (Research Coordinator, Department of Sport and Exercise Science, Manchester Metropolitan University), Finland (FiDiPro), New Zealand (Dean of the School of Physical Education, University of Otago) and Australia (Head of Human Movement Studies, Queensland University of Technology).

He has published almost 200 peer-reviewed articles in Behavioural Neuroscience, Sports Science and Human Movement Science journals. He has also produced 9 books and supervised nearly 30 PG students to completion of Masters and Doctoral research degrees.

Keith has worked extensively on applied scientific research projects with externalorganisations such as the Queensland Academy of Sport and national Institutes of Sport in Australia and New Zealand, as well as TEKES, the Finnish Government department responsible for training in Science, Technology and Education.

Dave Hembrough

I am the lead strength and conditioning coach at Sheffield Hallam.

I have an MSc Sport injury management and therapy, and a BSc Sport Science.

I'm a sports scientist for Podium Performance and work in consultancy, research and teaching.

Working as the current lead strength and conditioning coach at Sheffield Hallam University, the head coach of Hallam Barbell Weightlifting club and working out of the Centre of Sport and Exercise Science (CSES), I'm also a well-respected sports therapist.

My work involves a great deal of hands-on athlete consultancy in both field- and gym-based environments. I was the lead S&C coach for the GB womens Volleyball programme, have worked extensively in professional boxing, rugby union, diving and orienteering.

We promise you that this course will make you a massively better coach. You have our word on that. If you feel for any reason that the course is not worthwhile for you simply hand in your course manual at the end of day 1 and we will send you a full refund on Monday morning. No questions asked and no hard feelings.

WARNING: This WILL sell out!

We like to limit places to ensure that you have both a quality experience and the workshops are highly interactive, so there are a maximum of only 30 places available, with several of these already reserved pre-sale.

Professor Keith Davids has been at the forefront of some really pioneering work for many years now, so its incredible that you have this chance to learn these concepts directly from him.  Dave Hembrough is a fantastic S&C coach and sports scientist who adopts these practices on a daily basis.

This is a rare opportunity where you will be able to learn and put into practice this cutting edge content.

You will need to act quickly, as we genuinely expect the remaining spots to go fast.


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YES, I want in! I want to book my place on the 1 Day Coach Better! intro workshop now.


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IMPORTANT: This will sell out fast!

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